How to help your senior dog stay comfortable during winter months

How to help your senior dog stay comfortable during winter months

Winter can be a tough time, especially for senior dogs. Cold temperatures make muscles achey and not every dog enjoys rolling around in the fresh snow. If your senior dog is less than enthused about the winter season, it’s important to keep them in good spirits. No one wants to see their furry friend uncomfortable. 

Keep them dry

If your elderly dog does not put up too much of a fuss, slide some warm booties or paw protectors on their little feet before heading out into damp or snowy conditions. Slide on a rain jacket or warm coat to help keep them dry and avoid the chill, especially on days when the snow is really coming down. These accessories will make their indoor to outdoor transition more comfortable (and keep them stylish).  

Make your house comfortable

When the temperatures start dropping, dogs can’t turn up the heat, put on an extra layer, or pull the covers up to their neck as humans can. Avoid turning the heat up too much so your dog does not begin to overheat. Look out for your pet by keeping your home a consistent temperature, frequent changes are not advised. 

Avoid the air from getting too dry by running a humidifier. Keeping your air at a moderate 30-60% humidity will help keep your dog's skin from getting dry and itchy, reduce seasonal allergies, and assist with breathing. 

Make sure your senior dog stays active

Just like humans, getting a dog’s blood pumping will keep them warm and healthy. Introduce some new, exciting toys into their playtime routine to keep energy up in the winter months.If your dog is slowing down or does not enjoy exercise, go for a low-impact walk down the street each day to get their heart rate up and keep them moving.  

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