5 Reasons why senior dogs are the best

5 Reasons why senior dogs are the best

When deciding to adopt a dog, too often future fur parents immediately turn to puppies as the only option. But even the tiniest puppies eventually become grown-ups, so why not consider giving a home to a senior dog? No matter their age you will love them like another member of your family. Senior dogs are the best for many reasons, but here are just a few:

Already Potty Trained

More than likely your senior dog has already been potty trained for many years meaning you can skip that long, challenging process and take them home without worrying half your house will get stained or damaged as the result of potty training accidents. 

Have Established Interests

Senior dogs don’t dig, sniff and try to eat every single thing that comes across their path. They know what they like, what they don’t, and that will make it easier for you to assess what toys, treats, and food they will enjoy. Better yet, the shelter you adopt them from may already have allergy information and health history on them so you won’t have to discover their aversion to certain foods by watching them vomit all over the carpet. 

Relaxed Energy

Senior dogs can still be energetic and full of life, they just tend to be tamer than puppies. Fewer zoomies mean senior dogs make the perfect companion for owners who might not be able to keep up with an extensive walk schedule or the chaotic energy of a young dog that constantly needs to be tired out. 

Detailed History

Unlike adopting a younger pup who may not have experience interacting with others, a senior dog has lived with other humans and possibly other types of pets as well. A pet adoption agency may have insight into how their dogs interact with other breeds at the shelter or their experiences around children or other humans. 

Love and Snuggles

The desire to be loved never goes away. Dogs want to feel that connection with their owners at every age, especially as they get older. Too often senior dogs are overlooked at shelters, especially if they have started to experience signs of aging or health problems. But these are the dogs that need love the most. Senior dogs deserve to spend their adult years in a loving, caring home.  

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