Common Springtime Dog Allergies

Common Springtime Dog Allergies

Spring has sprung and our pups are loving it! They are wiggling their butts outside more, flopping their ears through the brisk spring air, and probably getting in more exercise than they were able to this past winter. While we love this time of year for ourselves and our four-legged family members, there’s one thing we don’t love – seasonal allergies.

Most of us dread this time of year because that means runny noses, itchy eyes, and more general discomfort having to deal with the environmental stressors this time of year brings. Unfortunately, our furry companions are not exempt from experiencing these seasonal allergies, but it’s important to note that they present a bit different in dogs compared to us hoomans – and we’re here to help you recognize when your pup may be suffering (and how to manage it). Unlike humans, seasonal allergies in dogs will typically present through skin issues, like:

  • Red and/or irritated skin
  • Excessive licking
  • Balding/thinning patches of skin
  • Hotspots (areas where there is no fur, but skin looks inflamed)
  • Itchy, smelly ears (sometimes accompanied by excessive head shaking)
  • Excessive rubbing of the face on/against furniture, carpets (or you!) 

One, many, or all of these symptoms can point to the possibility of seasonal allergies, but it could also be other environmental factors, so we always suggest first consulting with your trusted vet to rule anything else out. If it is, in fact, seasonal allergies, there are several ways you can treat and prevent them, such as more frequent baths, ear cleanings & paw washes – especially right after they’ve been outside. 

If you find that your pup is suffering more than what you would consider “normal,” you may need to limit your pup’s time outside altogether. And in more serious cases, you may need to keep your pup away from specific allergens while outdoors, which your vet may be able to help identify and treat with proper medication. 

We hope this was helpful… Happy Spring!  

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