What to pack when you take your pup with you for the day

What to pack when you take your pup with you for the day

Whether you travel everywhere with your dog or you’re just planning for a day trip, you should be prepared for whatever life throws at you. And if you’re really a dog person, you treat fur like family, so you probably keep a bag packed away for when you go on adventures. Whatever the case may be, you probably always walk out of the door thinking, “Did I pack enough?” 

The answer is probably not as simple, because different breeds of dogs may require different things. For example, tennis balls are really only appropriate for small dogs because they’re a choking hazard for bigger dogs. Then, there are the more important things like medication (some dogs require them, some don’t) so definitely don’t forget that. And of course, there are your basics like food, water bowls, and doggy bags for waste. 

But what about those things you never knew you needed? Those pawesome, Amazon finds that leave you thinking, “Why didn’t I know about this before?” They usually make your life, and traveling with a dog, so much easier. Check out these dog-mom and dog-dad approved products for your next pup-date:

  1. A waterproof kibble tote for non-soggy treats on the go. This is the perfect addition to your everyday household items for your pups-in-training, too! 
  2. A collared seat belt for your pet's safety in the car. Protect your pup the same way you would any other family member! 
  3. A portable paw cleaner for the pups that like to get down and dirty! With this product, you won’t have to worry about dirty paws all over your car or back into your home. Please note, this product is not guaranteed to work if your dog is covered from snout to tail in mud! 
  4. An Apple Air Tag, just in case your guy or gal gets loose after a serious case of the zoomies. This is very practical for everyday use as well, again – just in case! 

What other pawesome travel products are packed in your pup-date bags? Share them in the comments!  

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