How to know when it is time to guide your dog over rainbow bridge

How to know when it is time to guide your dog over rainbow bridge

Having to make the choice to send your fur baby across the rainbow bridge is never an easy one, but sometimes it is necessary. We can all agree that we wish dogs could have more time on earth with us. With them having a shortened lifespan compared to humans, it forces us to cherish every moment with them. It also puts us in the very tricky position of deciding when it’s best to let them go because we never feel like we’ve got enough time with them. 

Dogs are also not like humans in that we, typically, cannot prolong their lives as significantly as humans or put them in end-of-life care. As unfortunate as it is, that could cost thousands of dollars that most of us don’t have. They don’t have life savings or a will, so it’s on us as their owners to give them the best life until it’s their time to go and make those end-of-life decisions on their behalf. Even when you have the best of intentions, it always feels cruel, but it’s important to remember that it’s equally as cruel to wait too long and have them endure undue pain or suffering. Here are some tell-tale signs to help you decide if it’s time to let them go:

  • They’ve been diagnosed with chronic pain or an untreatable illness/disease 
  • Loss of interest in daily activities, such as going for walks or playing
  • Loss of ability to control bladder or bowels 
  • Loss of ability to walk, climb stairs, or stand up
  • It is your vet’s best recommendation

One, or all of these signs and/or symptoms can mean your pup is ready to cross the rainbow bridge and it may happen sooner than you’re prepared for, even prior to their life expectancy. Do good by them and remember that they will never forget you and you will never forget them. You are infinitely a part of each other, and that’s a beautiful thing.

If it’s your pup’s time and you want to prepare yourself for when they’re gone, check out our last post for tips to memorialize your late-pups in unique ways.  

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