This year’s most pawsome holiday gifts for dogs

This year’s most pawsome holiday gifts for dogs

The holidays are a magical time of year and you certainly don’t want to leave your pup off your holiday shopping list! Skip the regular old chew toys and go for an extra special gift to let your dog know they were definitely on Santa’s Nice List this year.

Comfort Cuddler

Do you have an anxious puppy or an older dog who misses you the second you leave the house? Add a shirt or other article that holds your scent into a Comfort CuddlerTM which allows your dog to snuggle up with your familiar smell.


If you’re a human who loves your Fitbit or Apple Watch, then you’ll definitely want to get your dog in on the activity tracker fun! Animo is a device that mounts to your dogs’ collar and syncs barking, scratching, sleeping, and calorie-burning activities straight to your phone.

Dog Treadmill

If you find that your dog needs to lose a few pounds or your older dog could benefit from a bit more exercise, get them their own personal treadmill. The dogPACER gives your pup the ability to go for walks indoors. It’s great for dogs who don’t like to walk outside in bad weather or when your puppy just wants another way to get its zoomies out without tearing all through your house.


Give the gift that keeps on giving with a monthly subscription to BarkBox. Surprise your dog with toys, treats, and more sent to your door every month. Who says the holiday season is the only time to celebrate your pet? Better yet, 10% of their profits support rescue dog organizations!


Yeti’s stainless steel drinkware isn’t just for humans! Keep your dog hydrated all day with this eight-cup bowl that can also be used as a food dish. It’s dishwasher safe meaning your dog bowl will always be the level of clean your best friend deserves.   

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